What Will We Do Next Holiday

Holiday!Wait for Me!!!

One day,after the class I meet my close friends in the canteen. In there we discuss about our holiday next week.

Dina            : Hi guys!! how was your day?

Ghasani       : it's not really good, because today i have math test an it was SO HARD

Alma           : Me too, i've a math test too. It's so hard and I don't know about my  score. I hope i dont get remedial work

Cinta           : Aamiin

Najla           : That’s enogh guys let we discuss about our holiday, next week is our Mid Semester Holiday

Dina            : So, where do we wanna go?

Ghasani       : DUFAN!!DUFAN!!

Alma           : NO!! Let’s go to the villa

Cinta           : I’m sorry guys I think I cann’t spend my holiday with you guys

Najla           : Why? Do you have any plan for this holiday?

Cinta           : Yes, I have. My family and I will go to the banten to visit my grand mother,because she is not in her good condition now. I’m really sorry guys

Ghasani       : No, it’s okay cinta you don’t have to apologize

Cinta           : And I’m sorry guys I have to go to my class because I want to do my task,Is it okay?

Alma           : It’s okay cinta, bye!!

All               : BYE!!!

And then cinta go to her class leave us in the canteen

Dina            : So, How about us?

Najla           : I don’t know I feel confused to choose dufan or Villa

Dina            : I think I wanna play but I wanna to stay overnight with you

Alma           : ME TOO……

Ghasani       : How about we play at dufan and after that we book the hotel, we can stay in Jakarta around 3-4 days

Najla           : YASH! That’s all what do I think!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Ghasani       : How about you dina and alma?

Dina            : I agree with guys, I think it’s really fun to stay in Jakarta with our friend and without our parents

Alma           : I agree with you too, It’s gonna be a great holiday!

Najla           : But how about the transportation?

Alma           : We can go there with a train or bus

Najla           : And how about opur transportation in Jakarta

Dina            : I have an uncle in Jakarta maybe we can borrow his car and his driver

Ghasani       : okay, all the problem are solved!! And then,when do we go?

Alma           : How about          H+2 after the holiday?

All               : Sure,we agree with you !!      

Dina            : I think we have to go to our class,it’s time to study again guys

All               : okay bye!!!!


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