My Unforgettable Momment

My Unforgettable Momment 

Today i will tell you about my unforgettable momment.
When i was a kid, my mom persuaded me to accompany her to the mall. Formerly, i didn't want it,because i want to play with my friends. 

But my mom still pursuaded me untill i gave up and go with her. But i had a requirement,if she wanted me to go. She must gave me an ice cream,and she said "sure i will gave you a lot if ice cream if you want to go with me". In the mall my mom really kept her promise and give me an ice cream.

After that my mom asked me to accompany her to go to the Super Market. That was a big Super Market i had ever see when i was a kid. My mom took my hand and hold it tightly. I didn't like it, because i wanted to see this super market clearly i wanted to play in this super market. But my mom still hold it tightly, I mad at her but she said " you can't go everywhere you want you can't take off my  hand or you can miss in this super market. You don't know this super market and this is your first time you go to here" after i heard that I hold her hand tightly too because i didn'T want to miss in this super market. My mom bought a lot of foods and tools my mom asked me too help her broght the Groceries. We went to evry spot in this super market but suddenly my mom stopped in diapers spot she took a diaper and put it to the basket. And teh she go to another spot,but she forgot to brought me too. I didn't realized my mom left me alone because I really intrested with the diapers and didn't realize that my mom left me. I tried to look for my mom but i couldn't find my mom. I started to cry because i didn't know how to find her. My mom once told me how to find her if I miss in a place that i didn't know it before. But I was too panick to remember, so the things that i could do was cry. I cry than a women approached me and asked me why did i cry. And i told my mom was miss,so she took me to the information and told that i was miss my mom to the officer.

 And then the officer made an announcement to find my mom,aroung 5 minutes my mom came to the information. I was really happy when i saw my mom. I felt thankyou for that women,if that women didn't approach me maybe i never found my mom at that time.


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