Making A New Friend

Introducing Conversation

Today is my twitchy friday,because this is my first class in my junior high school. Actually my first class ini my JHS was Monday but i couldn't attend because i was sick at that day. So,this day i will meet my new friend. I'm so nerveous untill my teacher call me and ask me to introduce my self in front of the class. 

Dina    : Hello friends!! my name is dina dwi I'm from SDN Margahayu. I'm 13 years old,my          hobby is  watching film. I'm sorry yesterday I did not attend because I was sick. It is Pleasure to meet you
After i introduce my sel, my teacher ask me to pick a seat and i choose a seat behind the girl with her brown hair.after that,my teacher explain all the less until break time. Because I don’t have a friend yet. I dicided to stay at the class. A girl with a brown hair appear.
Taya    : Hello there! My name is natasha but you can call me taya.Nice to meet you

Dina    : Hai taya, I’m dina nive to meet you too

Taya    : Do you wanna go with me to the canteen or you wanna stay here alone?

Dina    : i think better if I go with you to the canteen,it’s okay?

Taya    : Sure,let’s go!!

Upon arrival at the canteen

Dina    : you seem to know this school very well

Taya    : Not really,but better than you hahahhahah

Dina    : hahhahaha do you tease me up?

Taya    : hahahahha just kidding,now i will introduced my self like you before.
  So my name is natasha firdauza but you can call me taya. I’m from                              SDN Banjarsari,I’m 13 years old too. And my hobby is reading a book

Dina    : wow your name is so beautiful

Taya    : Thank you your name too. How is your first class?it it hard or easy or somethng  else?

Dina    : It is easy and fun. I like my teacher, because she explain clearly an i understand what she said

Taya    : really are you understand the lesson? It’s mathematic. It’s so hard to me

Dina    : I think,I understand the lesson

Taya    : Do you want to teach me about that lesson? I don’t really understand

Dina    : With my pleasure, But i have a deal

Taya    : what’s kind of deal?

Dina    : You must accompany me to know this school,dea?

Taya    : Okey deal.

Dina    : Okey i will tecah today after school

Taya    : YEAY!! thank you dina

Dina   : your welcome, taya i think we must go to the class because it is 9.30 am it is time to back. 

Taya : You right! let's go!

Since that,taya and me became a friend


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