Analyzing Invitation Letter

Analyze : Te picture above is an example of informal invitation letter. There is no the institution that sends this invitation
Purpose : To invite the others to Madeleine's birthdayContain : Celebrate Madeleine's BirthdayGreeting : "Join us in honoring"Date : Friday,june 27thTime : 6.30 pmPlace : Durban Family Restaurant 1546 Parkway

Invitation Task


Conversation Task

Conversation task
CAST : Dina Dwi K.Raden Shafiyyah Aathifah Yasmin Haifa *after edu passion
Sonya   : "It was so fun, wasn't it?"Yasmin : "Yes, it was." Dina     : "Which booth did you guys go?" Yasmin : "As far as i remember, I went to UNAIR's booth, UNPAD's booth, and ITB's    booth." Sonya   : "Cool, Okay.. Which university are you interested in, Yasmin?"Yasmin : "I think I want to go to Padjajaran University, but i haven't figured out which faculty that I'm gonna take." Dina     : "Same with me, Yasmin!! But actually i want to go there too, but my parents, they want me to go to ITB."Sonya   : "It must be hard, Dina. Just follow your heart, Din. Luckily, I'm going to take the UNPAD's medical school and my pareents allowed me to."Yasmin : "Wow! UNPAD? Why not UI? From what i know, UI has a better medical school, it's like the best in Indonesia!"Sonya   : "B…


Announcement Task Activity 1 text 1 Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening found “HELLO GEORGETOWN” Contents found Information of the event including date,place,etc. Closing