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Hallo !
Good Morning !

This is my first blog. I think in my first blog I will post about my self.
So let's start begin !!!

My name is Dina Dwi Kinanty but you can call me Deligent Dina (lol). I am 15th years old. I was born in Palembang 26th may 2002. I was live in several city like Palembang,Bali,Jambi,and Bandung.

I live on jalan rancabolang,Bandung. I am a student of SMA 3 BANDUNG. I was school in SMPN 2 BANDUNG. My parents name are Untung Wijonarko and Maizar. I have one brother too,his name is Dimas Arya Nugraha he is a student of Jaya baya universitas. Now, he is going to finish his S2
in that university. Wish him luck and he gets the tittle of notaris (M.Kn).
Back to my self, I will tell my reason to choose this senior high school. I choose this senior high school because this is one of famous school in Bandung. This school has a lot of achievement. My tutor said that 98% student of this school pass the SNMPTN or SBMPTN. So, I think
of I enter this school I can pass the SNMPTN or SBMPTN.
Now, I will be telling you about my hobby. My hobby is watch a film. I like film about horror,drama,etc. I don't like a film with Thriler ganre. In my spare time I usually watch a film or read a novel.
 My dream is I want to be a Pilot. But I think it won't happen. Because I  can't live far from my family. it's not becouse I am afraid to live alone. It's because i can't imagine that my parents will live alone without their son or their daughter.

So, it's all about me maybe with this post you can know me better than before.
Iam sorry if i have a typo or something
Thankyou for read this Freaky post about Me (lol). Bye...


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