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Susi Pudjiastuti

His name is Susi Pudjiastuti, President Director of PT ASI Pudjiastuti engaged in fisheries and PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation, which operates the Susi Air flight.
Not only fluent English that comes out of his mouth when talking to the pilots that Caucasians. Susi - her nickname - also used occasionally Sundanese and Javanese to aides.
Currently, a woman born in Pangandaran, January 15, 1965, has 50 aircraft of various types. Among them is the Grand Caravan 208B, Piaggio Avanti II, Pilatus Porter, and Diamond DA 42. Most aircraft was operated outside of Java such as in Papua and Kalimantan. "There are hired. However, there are operated solely by Susi Air. Usually used in the border areas by local governments or private, "said the woman who tattooed his right calf phoenix picture with the dangling tail.

Want to borrow money in the bank is considered insane, eventually selling Rings and Jewelry that he had made the capital of fish baskets. His decision came out of school at the age of 17 years is very regrettable by both parents. However, thanks to the perseverance and hard work, now Susi Pudjiastuti has 50 Aircraft and quality of fish processing plant to serve the needs of export.
Susi business talent seen since I was young. Establishment and willingness harsh clearly illustrated when Susi age of 17 years. He decided to get out of school when class II high. Do not want to live in a way nebeng parents, he tried to live independently. But, the reality is not as easy as imagined.
"Just bring junior high school diploma, so what if I work ngelamar. I do not want the mediocre, "he said.

Hard work when it was acted Susi. Start of selling clothes, bed cover, until the results of the earth like cloves. Every day, Susi had to drive around town Pangandaran use motorcycles to market their wares. Up, he realized that the potential Pangandaran is in the field of fisheries.
"I want to Start selling fish because every day see hundreds of fishermen," he said.
In 1983, armed with a Rp 750 thousand by selling jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings her, Susie Pangandaran following in the footsteps of many women who worked as a fish basket. Every morning at certain hours, he jumped in with the others clustered in TPI (the fish auction).
"On the first day, I could only 1 kilogram of fish, bought a small restaurant of my acquaintance," he said.

Not just only in Pangandaran, Susi start thinking expand its market to big cities like Jakarta. Than rent, he was then bought a truck with ice cubes and cooling systems to bring fresh fish to Jakarta.
"Every day, at three o'clock in the afternoon, I went from Pangandaran. Until the middle of the night in Jakarta, and then back again to Pangandaran, "he recalled heavy routine work in the past.
Although successful in business, Susi admitted failure in terms of romance. Women's admirers puppet Semar in the states already three times married. But, the Big Dipper which he rafted together not as blue as her husband and three beautiful Pangandaran Beach. All shipwreck. Of the latter husband, Christian von Strombeck, Wonder Woman got the inspiration to develop the aviation business.
"He is an aviation engineer," he continued. Christian is an expatriate who had worked in IPTN (Nusantara Aircraft Industry is now known as PT DI, Red). Early introduction to the French man happens when Christian often come to the restaurant Hilmans Susi at Pangandaran Beach. Starting from a brief introduction, Christian finally applying Susi.
With Christian, Susie began dreaming of having a plane with the main purpose of transporting fishery products to Jakarta. The only way, said Susi, is to build a foundation in the fishing villages.
"So, fishing today, the afternoon was able to be brought to Jakarta. Kan just an hour, "said the mother of three children and one grandchild is.
In contrast, if must wear a landline which can take up to nine hours. Upon arrival in Jakarta, many dead fish. In fact, if dead, the selling price could fall by half.

"We started to enter the banking business plan in 2000, but did not sell. Diketawain at the bank and is considered insane.
"Want to buy the best $ 2 million, how the same fish shrimp can pay?", Said Susie.
It was only in 2004, the bank trust and provide a loan of USD 4.7 million (approximately USD 47 billion) to build the foundation, as well as buy two Cessna Grand Caravan. However, only a month used, the tsunami disaster in Aceh.
"On the 27th we berangkatkan one aircraft to help. It finished the first plane landed in Meulaboh. 28th we entered one another. We bring rice, instant noodles, water and tents, "he said.
Initially, Susi intend to help the distribution of basic goods for free for two weeks. But, when they wanted to return, many non-governmental organizations who request it still participating in the recovery in Aceh.
"They are willing to pay the rent our aircraft. One and a half years of our work there. From there, Susi Air can buy a plane again, "he explained.
The development of his aircraft rental business continues to soar. Bank debt of about USD 47 billion now live 20 percent.
"A year again finished. Stay three installments again. Of BRI, most recently started installment. If the total, all (bank loans) more than Rp 2 trillion. Return on investment (return on investment) that in 10-15 years because of the flight can be expensive, "he said.
Susi not only in business aircraft wings and spread nets in the sea. Now, he also penetrated the plantation business. Even so, he admits there are many obstacles that must be passed.
"Fisheries loss because we had almost Pagandaran tsunami in 2005. We had two years of work is not no fish," he said.

These cost-Pangandaran Java such as Jakarta, Bandung and Jakarta-Pangandaran-Cilacap, Susi said it was losing money. Because, sometimes only 3-4 passengers. With an average ticket price of $ 500 thousand, income was not enough to buy fuel.

"A month of Java could lose the USD 300 million to USD 400 million. However, the offset of the outer islands. Besides, it is also useful for transporting our fisheries, "he said.
Susi it should give priority to the buyers of fish, because they are very sensitive to the freshness of the fish. Once the transport in a single plane, he could put 1.1 tons of fresh fish or lobster. Buyers from Hong Kong and Japan every day waiting in Jakarta.

"Business fish and lobster keep roads and aviation business will continue to develop. Next year we hope to be able to have 60 aircraft, "he said hopefully. Hopefully the story of Susie's mother could spur the spirit of this State Youths for enterprising and willing to work hard! Not only hoping to work as an employee, but it can create new jobs in the middle of the narrowness of current employment.

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