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YA!! GATHAPRAYA is one of event that i'ever been. By the way do you know about GATHAPRAYA?or did yo go to GATHAPRAYA? I'll really happy if know or if you go to this event  but it's okay for you if you didn't knor or go to this event. Let me introduce you about GATHAPRAYA.

GATHAPRAYA is one of event created by SMAN 3 BDG. That was an wonderful event themed Cultural Festival. This event showed in 30 September 2017. Gathapraya means A Hopeful Future. That was an briliant concept. Why? Because this concept described the fusion of the past and present. It showed by the mascot of this event. That was cepot but that wasn’t ordinary cepot  because half of his face was a robot and half of his face was an ordinary cepot
Hasil gambar untuk gathapraya fesbud
Like this
In this event,i wasn’t an audience but I was a committee. I chose to be a decoration team. I really happy to be a part of this tema. For me that was a team that was a family. In  here i learned how to make a decoration,how to be a good committe,etc. We made many decorations like cepot,a tree,tunnel,totem,ticket box,and many more. But it didn’t always great because one of our decoration was broken,that was CEPOT. I was really sad when  i saw our decoration broken but my team cheer me up and tried to fix it up.

This is Decoration team.

In this event i did many activities. In the morning I try to fix cepot,In the afternoon i check my decoration,I did a face panting and the evening was a top of this event many gest star performed their best for this event like NIDJI,HIVI,etc. I was very happy because many of audience glad to be here.


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